Amy Louise Palazzolo Boyer
  1. hipsterpotamus
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  2. Kimono Dragon
    Kimono Dragon
    Prints available
  3. Sepiida
    Prints available
  4. Mother
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  5. Yelis
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  6. Zerelda
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  7. The Right to Arm Bears.
    The Right to Arm Bears.
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  8. Screech owl
    Screech owl
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  9. Scarlet Tanager
    Scarlet Tanager
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  10. Oriole
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  11. Golden Crown Sparow
    Golden Crown Sparow
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  12. Humming Bird
    Humming Bird
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  13. Waxwing
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  14. Cockatiel
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About Amy louise Palazzolo Boyer
Born in Chicago Illinois to fine artist and independent filmmaker, Thomas Palazzolo and Photographer and fine artist Marcia Palazzolo
. Amy pursued her passion for art by attending both The Art Institute of Chicago and The American Academy of Art with a focus on illustration.

Amy expanded her artistic interests in Chapel Hill, North Carolina by working as a Silversmith apprentice, creating band poster and performing bass guitar for several local music groups.
 Amy has lent her talents to projects such as: animation for short film
Bartholomew Whoops and the Bad Ball, portraits of people and pets,

greeting card design, purse and fabric design, jewelry design andmore.

At present, she is focused on painting, Making handmade earings and creating her quirky and whimsical, Unique and original   pendulum powered puppets.
Amy recently relocated from Portland OR to Asheville, NC with her husband Ted and her sons Westley and Daniel.